Infidelity Investigations

We all know the signs. This client came to us and explained what he thought were “red flags” in his relationship, with his wife of 20 years. He asked us to find out the truth.  After conducting surveillance we discovered she did indeed have a paramour and they spent a considerable amount of time together during the week, when she was “allegedly” shopping, at the gym or working late. While the client was disturbed to hear what was seen and video taped during the cheaters meetings, he was happy to know the truth after being told so many times, that he was crazy and insecure.

Anyone, in this situation, no doubt has heard the same accusations, call us to validate your feelings and suspicions. AIS will provide the truth and proof you need to reclaim your self respect.

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Missing Persons Investigation

In April, Chief Investigator Paul Wood, was hired to find a missing person in a South American Country. This person was a male, in his 40s, had missed a connecting flight to another country, spent the night waiting for a flight and disappeared the next day. He had no apparent reason to disappear. By the time Paul was contacted this person had been missing for five days already. The investigation was immediately put in motion and two days later Paul traveled to South America.  Within 24 hours found the person, living on the streets of the city, with only the shirt and slacks he left with, his shoes, jewelry and cash had been taken from him. He was on the streets for nine days. Paul had him hospitalized for four days, stayed with him and returned home.


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